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Exercise is beneficial for all dogs, young and old. It is important in maintaining physical and mental well-being.

Divine Dog Care has the perfect solution for working parents. We don’t just walk your dog, but give much needed exercise, socialization and stimulation. We offer convenient pick up and drop off from your home. Your best friend will burn-off pent up energy, stay trim while socializing with friends. You will have a calm and exhausted dog when you get home.

Off-leash parks are an excellent alternative for dogs which need the security of a fenced-in area to exercise, socialize and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment. Maximum number of dogs in a group does not exceed 6. Careful consideration is given in grouping dogs together with similar personalities and behaviour. Reward based methods are used to promote positive behaviour. Dogs are given fresh water, healthy treats, and lots of affection. In case of any allergies, we adhere to owner’s instructions. We supervise dogs at all times. Our vehicles are clean and spacious, has air conditioning and good ventilation.

Divine Dog Care also offers the following dog walking services

Double Walks: For high energy dogs with upbeat personalities.
Private Walks: For seniors or dogs which are not comfortable in a group walk.
Walk And Train: Improving your dog’s leash walking.

Safety, reliability, experience and affection