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How Do I Get Started

Following our initial phone consultation:

  • We will book a complimentary Meet and Greet with us. This is an opportunity to get to know you and your dog, and find out what your needs and expectations are.
  • We will tell you how our company works and try to find the best fit for your dog.
  • Once we have narrowed it down, we will offer a complimentary service, i.e. walk, overnight stay, or free daycare.

Yes,your pet will be under constant supervision by us. Your dog will NEVER be left unattended.

Yes. We do not hire walkers or outsource our services. This ensures consistency and continuity.

Absolutely. We are bonded and insured and have a Commercial Dog Walking Permit with the City of Toronto.

Yes, you will receive regular updates. We take lots of photos and videos and post regularly on Instagram and Facebook. As well, we are in contact with you via text messages and telephone.

We do walk in bad weather, rain or shine. If it has rained or snowed, we do try to clean your pet as best as possible. If time permits, we will wash your dog with fresh warm weather and towel dry. In extreme weather conditions, we will shorten our walks. We do not allow our pets to drink out of contaminated puddles. We are always mindful of their outdoor activity, and bring fresh water to prevent overheating. Please notify us if your dog has any allergies.

We will only walk off-leash, if they have proven reliable recall. These dogs can go to the elds, woods and trails on our Adventure Romps. For safety reasons, dogs which do not have reliable recall will go on a group walk in the fenced, off-leash park. We incorporate training and use reward based methods to reinforce good behaviour.

We do a full 1 hour walk with your dog. This excludes pick up and drop off.

Our doggie guests go on four outings/walks each day. Potty breaks, as needed.

They have full range in our home and are supervised in the backyard.

Safety, reliability, experience and affection