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(to include house-training and basic manners)

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We love puppies! Divine Dog Care specializes in helping new parents welcome their puppy home. We will customize strategies to help you through the puppy stage. Our services include feeding, crate-training, potty breaks, basic obedience and leash walking. All visits are private. Once vaccination is complete, your puppy can join a small group walk.

Using a positive approach, topics will cover feeding schedule, training with a crate, and general housetraining. One or two visits are available to include mid-day meal, short walk and playtime. Puppies which have completed their initial vaccination can be integrated into a small group walk.

These are some of the items which will be covered.

Puppy Crate Training Tips:

  • Selecting the correct size of crate you dog will fit into as an adult. Like any tool, a crate can be misused.
  • Fostering a positive association with the crate.
  • At what age can a dog be trusted to be left loose in the house?
  • Barking and crate training.
  • Puppies and destructive behaviour.

Puppy House Training:

Some breeds are better than others with housetraining.

  • Puppies are at a tender stage. Use positive reinforcement methods, with lots of praise and affection.
  • A puppy has one hour of bowel/bladder control for every month of her life.
  • Anticipate when your puppy is most likely to urinate or defecate.
  • Key times are after eating, drinking, playing or sleeping.
  • A tired puppy is a good puppy!

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