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Buddy’ Home Away from Home

My handsome, quirky, sometimes barky, sometimes shy Sheltie, Buddy, is just that: my best friend and my family. And when I can’t be with him, I want him to be with someone who treats him as part of their family, keeps him safe, happy, and reminds him to mind his manners when necessary.

I found that ideal place- a place I could leave my Buddy without worrying – with Renee and Dinu. Since he was a puppy, Buddy has boarded with Renee, goes to daycare, and sometimes just needs to get picked up for a walk or romp in the woods.

I know he’s happy: he runs to the door every morning! And I know he has a great time playing with the other dogs and being active, because Renee takes a lot of pictures! When he comes home, he’s got a lot to tell me. He’s happy to go, he’s happy to come home: I couldn’t ask for anything more, though sometimes I do believe he’s bored with just me!

Renee is very dedicated to her dog family, and her human clients. There have been times when I had to call her to come get Buddy due to illness or work just getting too frantic, and she’s always been able to work it out. She’s mindful of the dog’s special needs for diet and exercise, and she’s considerate about his appearance and cleanliness. Many times Renee has brought Buddy back home and said, he got a bit muddy in the park so I gave him a quick bath!

Since Buddy has been going to Renee, he’s become more social and outgoing, less shy and more relaxed in new situations.

Above everything, Renee puts the dog’s well-being and happiness first. And that makes me feel that I can go to work without worrying about my best bud.


We love Renee ! She has been looking after Trixie for almost 8 years. When Trixie was a puppy, Renee’s help with house training was enormously helpful. Renee walks Trixie daily and looks after her whenever we go away. We know that Trixie is in good hands and will enjoy her stay whether she’s with her for a day, a last minute weekend away, or for a couple of weeks.

Trixie is very high energy and we love that Renee, her fantastic husband and their amazing dog Dory are all committed to tiring her out. She comes home fit, happy and ready to sleep. It’s a tremendous relief to know we are leaving her in such good hands.

I would highly recommend the services that Renee provides. She is passionate about dogs, committed to learning as much as she can about them, and most importantly, Trixie loves her!


We don’t know what we would do without Renee. Our dog, Sookie has separation anxiety and cannot be left at home alone for long periods of time. Renee has been a lifesaver. Sookie frequently has weekend sleepovers. I always know she is in fantastic hands. Sookie is always thrilled to see Renee and her husband and comes home exhausted from all the exercise she receives. Renee is extremely knowledgeable about our canine friends and is well-informed about dog behaviour. More importantly, as soon as you meet Renee, you can tell how much she loves and cares for every one of her house guests. I have referred family and friends to Renee, and everyone is equally as thrilled. It is so great to be able to go on vacation and leave your pet behind with peace of mind that they are being well looked after and probably having more fun than if they were at home!

Ruby And Florence

Renee has been taking care of my dogs Ruby and Florence for several years, and we are thrilled to anticipate the times they will be with her. Walks are in verdant areas with off leash fun and they always return happy and excited to tell us all about it.

When Renee boards Ruby, we receive photos in which she is so comfortable that we have no concerns or worries at all: the whole family is on vacation this way.

Of special note, Renee had the compassion and nurturing spirit such that she welcomed walking and boarding our older dog Florence even when she was not at her best. Sadly Florence passed away recently.

Having our Ruby with Renee is like having an extended family with all the security it implies.


Renee takes care of our Joey exactly the way we do at home. That way, when we go on vacation we can have peace of mind that he is comfortable and safe. Whether it is just for the day or two weeks vacation, we are sure that he gets the love, attention, walks and anything else he needs.

After meeting with Renee and her “dog family”, I knew that she was the one I wanted to leave my pet with. Her home was warm, welcoming, clean, pet friendly and you could see that the animals clearly loved her.

As a pet owner, you sometimes need someone to talk to. Renee is knowledgeable about foods, medications, and all types of care. She has been the best sounding board and shoulder to lean on, even when our pet passed away, she was there for me. There was no doubt in my mind that when I got a new dog, she would be the one to take care of him when I would go away. So, Mr. Joey comes to his home away from home with his little tail wagging. Always happy to see Renee.

There is no hesitation that Renee is the one to leave my pet with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog friendly, home based environment where your dog is safe and healthy.


Betty came to us on long term loan from her primary mother who is a breeder. She will soon have one more litter before she is ours forever. As we were lonely for Florence, the English Cocker Spaniel who we recently lost,Yvonne, her mom, was kind enough to let us have her in the meantime. Renee stepped in to include Betty in her daily walks with our other English Cocker – Ruby. I don’t think Betty had ever been in a ‘school bus’ (Renee`s van) and a group walk in the forest. Within a week of her arriving with us, Renee had her completely comfortable and running to the door to meet her every time. Betty is a very happy girl here and I know Renee’s kindness, loving approach and fun spirit is very much responsible. Your pet would be lucky to be taken care of by her.

Safety, reliability, experience and affection