Benefits of Doggie Daycare

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Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Benefits of Doggie Daycare

If dogs are left alone all day while families are at work or at school, they are bored, lonely and restless. Dogs are social animals and enjoy the interaction with other dogs.

We believe that every dog deserves a full and balanced life. If you need a day-off from responsibilities, or your house is undergoing renovation, a well-run doggie daycare provides supervision, socialization and stimulation.

Nine reasons why your dog can benefit from a professional daycare:

  1. Further your puppy’s house training;
  2. Reinforce good manners;
  3. Timid dogs can gain confidence;
  4. Energetic dogs can release their energy (indoor and outdoor activities should be offered);
  5. Mentally stimulate your dog through social interaction;
  6. Improve the ability to focus with the use of interactive games;
  7. Reduce destructive behaviour due to boredom;
  8. Help manage mild forms of separation anxiety;
  9. Dogs come home tired.

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog.

A good daycare should have a clean, fenced backyard where dogs can relieve themselves.It is preferable to combine indoor play with leash walks, as well as outings to the off-leash parks.Having said this, it is important to respect each pet’s individual needs, for example, some dogs are not comfortable in an off-leash park. Dogs should be carefully screened before entering any program.Lastly, all dogs must be up to date on their vaccines.

At Divine Dog Care, we offer a home-based doggie daycare, which provides supervision, socialization, stimulation and much more. Each pet is unique and is treated with love and respect as if they were our own. To ensure personal care for our daycare dogs, we only take a small number of dogs at a time. In addition to a safe and clean home, we offer Adventure Romps for dogs which have proven reliable recall. Please see the video and photos below as a sample of our play groups. Dogs are grouped together according to size, energy level and temperament (maximum is 6 dogs per group)

Safety, reliability, experience and affection