Dog Walking at Off-leash Park

Dog Walking at Off-leash Park

Divine Dog Care Dog Walking at Off-leash Park

Some of these dogs need the security of a fenced park as they do not have reliable recall. For the safety of our dogs, we choose parks which are less busy. Divine Dog Care is Bonded and Insured, Commercial Dog Walkers Licensed and Emergency Pet First Aid Certified. There are a maximum of six dogs per group.

It is an appropriate time to review the topic of “park etiquette”

Dog Parks have been popular in urban areas with little access to open spaces. A dog park is fenced and has separate, double-gated entry and exit points. They provide a place where dogs can freely run and socialize.

A few do’s and don’ts

  • Don’t hand out treats.
  • Don’t bring dogs that have resource-guarding issues.
  • Don’t let play escalate into a fight.
  • Pick up after your dog.
  • Always supervise your dog.
  • Don’t bring unvaccinated puppies to the park or females in heat.
  • Don’t bring sick dogs to the park.

Always check out the park before taking your dog.

Divine Dog Care will thoroughly evaluate your dog’s behaviour before going on a group walk, either to the Off-leash Park or a Romp in the Forest. We ensure your pet is safe, healthy and happy.

Some dogs are not comfortable in a dog park. It is simple, we don’t take them. There are other alternatives.

Safety, reliability, experience and affection